New Order in Chaos

4 September 2019

Inspirational Woman: Jekaterina Orlova | COO, Augnet

3 September 2019

ICT industry ‘heavyweight’ Jonathan Kendall joins messaging start-up Augnet as commercial director

30 Aug 2019

Shortcut Design Systems

12 August 2019

DataArt tech to quicken migration to Sabre’s Content Services for Lodging

9 Aug 2019


8 August 2019

How important is having the right team for a startup?

3 July 2019

British Airways partners with Spafax and BrewDog to celebrate centenary

29 June 2019

Safety resource developed by children recommended by Department for Education

27 June 2019

BrewDog partners with British Airways to create bespoke beer Speedbird 100: Series of activations mark airline's 100th anniversary

21 June 2019

London-based start-up Augnet selected for European Innovation Council funding

21 June 2019

DataArt develops hospitality sector data security technology for Venza

12 June 2019

Tech start-up Augnet receives £1.3m investment

5 June 2019

Schools to analyse children's drawings to help catch pedophiles

5 June 2019

Augnet secures GBP1.3m in investment round led by Triple Point Venture Fund

4 June 2019

Finance - Term Sheet

4 June 2019

DataArt to speak and exhibit at Generis American CIO & IT Summit in Chicago

19 May 2019

In Blockchain We Trust

13 May 2019

Tough Love: Rift Between Spotify, Music Industry Growing

8 May 2019

Why good management is so important to employee development

7 May 2019

Is Streaming in Danger of Repeating the Fate of Cable?

29 April 2019

More than half of UK adults find lounges "boring"

26 April 2019

57% say “airport lounges are boring” – YouGov / Spafax poll

25 April 2019

GroundScope partners with DataArt

24 April 2019

Is data literacy being taken seriously enough in the UK?

22 April 2019

Are our phones listening to us?

17 April 2019

Innovative, AI-powered predictive maintenance system for conveyors claimed by partners DataArt and MHS

16 April 2019

Are we ready for machine radiologists, and their mistakes?

21 March 2019

7 reasons platforms are the future of supply chain

15 March 2019

Banking on blockchain: Banks will only profit from the decentralised ledger

25 February 2019

Spafax and Refinery29 launch female-focused inflight content

4 March 2019

How to choose a cloud storage and backup provider

14 February 2019

Will 2019 see the end of the term digital transformation. Is it just a buzzword?

11 February 2019

Head in the clouds: what the future of cloud computing means for media

29 January 2019

Odds Are, We’re Oceans Apart

18 January 2019

Digital transformation insights: DataArt's Dmitry Bagrov calls digital transformation a myth

3 January 2019

Outlook 2018: Cliff Moyce, DataArt

27 December 2018

DataArt partners with R3 for blockchain build out

11 December 2018

Could more banks looks to use gamification?

5 December 2018

A11y’s Hidden Dimension

November 2018

Issue 314

Trend-setting Technology

28 November 2018

Da Vinci Capital Invests in DataArt

13 November 2018

Daily Term Sheet

13 November 2018

Tech consultancy predicts telemedicine and AI-based healthcare growth in 2019

2 November 2018

Five things to remember when choosing a technology partner

12 September 2018

Travellers in favour of using AI at airports

22 August 2018

What to expect from the airport lounge of the future

22 August 2018

How artificial intelligence will transform sales

26 July 2018

We need to talk about legacy IT architectures

23 July 2018

Blockchain: healthcare’s next frontier, or so much hype?

25 June 2018

Global content agency Spafax to host its first AI-themed hackathon

1 June 2018

How technology is being used to aid GDPR compliance

25 May 2018

Blockchain: Downfall Or The Future Of Utilities?

10 April 2018

Machine learning helps banks cut fraud and prep stress tests

26 March 2018

From struggle to embrace - TV’s technological conundrum

15 March 2018

AI, Big Data, Digitalisation, Blockchain: The fintech that will dominate 2018

10 January 2018

Will 2018 be the year the download dies?

7 January 2018

Not revolution, but an evolution in travel experience

2 January 2018

10 trends in tech to watch in 2018

23 December 2017

Music and technology: Blurred lines

14 December 2017

The Data-Driven Future Of Media and Entertainment

13 December 2017

The tech that will power the 22nd century

3 December 2017

Blockchain meets the challenge

20 September 2017

People can relax: Robot healthcare is not about to take over, says life sciences tech consultant

26 April 2017

It’s all talk at Santander as voice recognition banking begins

18 February 2017

The Emperor's New Clothes: How Smart Homes Are Becoming Rather Stupid

12 February 2017

Why couldn’t tech predict the US election results?

12 November 2016

Tesco Bank fraud: key questions answered

7 November 2016

Tesco Bank hack: why you’re more at risk of being targeted at the weekend

7 November 2016

What will be the next biggest technology to disrupt business?

27 July 2016

Make tech not war: How technology will be the end of nation states

25 July 2016

Are bad hardware and games ruining virtual reality?

15 July 2016

Tycoon's tea collection reveals what powered Lord Nelson to victory

09 July 2016

Banks look to Internet of Things to drive new products

05 July 2016


It's not UI, it's me

30 June 2016

The reports of contactless' death are greatly exaggerated

29 June 2016

Taking advantage of open source

27 June 2016

Make way for the robot stock pickers

26 June 2016

What do industry leaders think of the digital future of hospitality?

29 June 2016

Digital should serve the guest, not take over

17 June 2016

Newby Teas' healthy take on a summer favourite

07 June 2016

Newby Teas releases luxury tea caddy ahead of Father's Day

03 June 2016


What is the point of me? 

08 June 2016

Start-ups vs. big banks: What is the future of money in 2026?

01 June 2016

Banks turn to software to ease stress as regulations tighten around the globe

01 June 2016

Wearables will help with KYC: know your customer

28 May 2016

Is more technology always healthy?

19 May 2016


Niall McBain of Spafax appears on BBC News Business Live

13 April 2016

Top vegan fruit teas

25 February 2016

Newby Teas produces caddy designs for year of the monkey

8 January 2016

The millionaire's Christmas list

11 December 2015

Nirmal Sethia of Newby Teas appears on BBC News Business Live

21 October 2015

Paul Henri Schelfhout speaks to CNBC Portugal

2 October 2015

Flexibility crucial in attracting millennials

30 September 2016

DataArt speaks to iTV News

30 August 2015

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